Advertising is an approach that uses certain practices and techniques in order to provide the public with information on products, services, or opinions, with the goal of convincing or persuading the public to act or respond in a certain way.

Advertising can be used to promote a series of different types of messages and response parameters:

  • promote a new or improved good or service
  • encourage vehicle drivers to use a seat belt
  • encourage the public to support an upcoming charity event
  • encourage the public to vote for a particular political candidate
  • advise the public of new council bylaws

There are many outlets for advertising for individuals, organizations, or governments, including magazines, newspapers, radio, television, and the internet. Advertising is a significant source of income for media, and most media depend on advertising as their sole income source. Examples include free television channels, radio stations, and freely distributed newspapers. They all depend on advertising as business model.

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