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A Selection Decision at Empire Inc.


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At Empire Inc. the turnover rate is very high among assembly workers. Supervisors in the production department have told the human resource department that they do not have time to conduct a supervisory interview with the large number of applicants who are processed to fill assembly-line openings. As a result, the human resource department’s employment specialists make the final hiring decisions. The profiles of three typical applicants are presented below.

The nature of the assembly jobs is rather simple. Training seldom takes more than an hour or two. Most people master the job and achieve an acceptable level of production during the second full day on the job. The tasks involve very little physical or mental effort. The employment test is valid, but has only a weak relationship between scores and actual performance.

1. What information would you consider irrelevant in the preceding selection profiles?
2. Are there any changes you would recommend in the selection process?
3. Which of the three candidates would you select, given the limited knowledge you possess? Why?

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