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Is Climbing the Ladder (Carrying Shingles) an Essential Job Requirement?


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Is Climbing the Ladder (Carrying Shingles) an Essential Job Requirement?

Matt Martino operates a roofing business in a small town. Most of his clients are homeowners but he also does some work for small commercial enterprises. Matt typically has three other employees who work alongside him on the roofing jobs. One of Matt’s employees recently quit and Matt is looking for a replacement. In addition to checking out a job candidate’s résumé and conducting an interview, Matt has each applicant show that he or she can climb a ladder (“Had one guy who was scared of heights”) and carry a bundle of shingles up the ladder to the roof (“This is essential if my business is to remain competitive. It is pretty standard for the industry”).

One job applicant, Catherine Silva, had no problem climbing the ladder but didn’t even try to carry a bundle of shingles up to the roof. In Silva’s words, “I know I am a really good roofer and made it past the résumé and interview. But I also know that I cannot physically carry a full bundle of shingles up a ladder, and even if I could, I don’t think it is safe. On my other jobs, we used a laddervator.”

Discussion Questions

1. Is it acceptable for Matt to not hire Catherine because she can’t carry the shingles to the roof?

2. Does the “duty to accommodate” apply in this case?

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