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Organizational Behavior 2 questions


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1. It has almost become a mandatory practice for companies to ensure that employees have fun at work. Many workplaces now have fully-stocked lounges, games rooms, funky painted walls, and regular social events. A few even have a slide to travel down to the next floor. However, some experts warn that imposing fun at work can have negative consequences. “Once the idea of fun is formally institutionalized from above, it can lead to employees becoming resentful,” warns one critic. “They feel patronized and condescended, and it breeds anger and frustration.” Apply the model of emotions, attitudes, and behaviour to explain how fun activities might improve customer satisfaction, as well as how they might result in poorer customer satisfaction.

2. “Emotional intelligence is more important than cognitive intelligence in influencing an individual’s success.” Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Support your perspective.

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