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Google is one of the most successful firms in the technology world today, but its rapid rise has also brought its share of concerns and challenges for the Internet giant. For example, Google was involved in a major controversy with the Chinese government that restricted the kind of information Google could process in searches. As a result, Google now has to filter information and can only make information publicly available that is not in violation of China's governmental guidelines. In addition, Google has drawn considerable criticism for imitating Microsoft in that it exhibits monopolistic behaviour. Google plans on creating and acquiring software that profiles Internet users so that it can better customize its search services to individual preferences. This move is alarming to a lot of people because it enables Google to acquire and store massive amounts of personal data on Internet users, which could potentially be misused by another party. Industry observers have questioned whether such actions violate Google's corporate slogan “Don’t Be Evil.”

Google has recently suffered intense backlash from industry competitors for its wide-ranging power and influence. It has expanded from being an Internet search engine to a giant in the advertising industry, which has alarmed the television and print media. Google has stepped on Microsoft's foot by offering an online office software package for a portion of the cost of Microsoft's Office software package. It also acquired the popular YouTube website. Viacom sued Google for one billion dollars for copyright infringements because users were uploading clips of popular TV shows like “The Colbert Report” and “South Park” on YouTube. Critics worry that Google has too much power. One author even speculated that Google might pose a defence concern due to the vast amounts of information it can access. As well, its philanthropic organization,, has stumbled, been redesigned, and has not had the impact that Google’s co-founders had predicted in 2004.

Google continues to navigate such allegations against it fairly well by creating a strong company culture of employee commitment, empowerment, and cooperation. Ultimately, analysts point out that Google can survive such growing power and far-reaching influence concerns only by doing what its corporate mantra embodies: “Don't Be Evil.”

Quiz Questions
1. Marissa Mayer, the well-liked and respected former vice president of search products and user experience at Google, is an example of someone who manages with both expert power and referent power. She has an advanced degree in computer science, has a lot of technical knowledge, and is known for her ability to connect with people.


2. Based on the definitions of power in the chapter, Google wields tremendous power in China.

3. Google's slogan “Don't Be Evil” addresses the company's belief in using power ethically.

4. If Google were to create and acquire software that profiles Internet users, making it possible for the company to store massive amounts of personal data on Internet users, it would possess information power.

5. The co-founders of Google have faced questions about the ethical use of power both in their profit and non-profit activities.

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