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1. International HRM has more but less diverse HR activities than domestic HRM.

2. Coca Cola tastes different in different countries. This is a clue that Coca Cola might perform as a multidomestic industry.

3. One of Laurent’s steps for true IHRM is realizing that an MNE’s HRM reflects assumptions & values valid across all cultures.

4. It is possible for an employee to be both a PCN and a TCN for the same MNE.

5. An expatriate is an employee that works and resides in a foreign country.

6. Domestic HRM is more likely than IHRM to provide job-finding assistance to the spouse of an employee.

7. Most MNEs fail because they underestimate the differences in managing HR in foreign cultures.

8. 9-11 and the Arab Spring are examples of asymmetric events which are difficult for MNEs to prepare for.

9. Some changes to internationalize HR have more to do with senior management’s global mindset than with behaviors.

10. Successful IHRM realizes that how things are done at home is not inherently better than how they might be done abroad.

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