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We can be reached via email at support@mindcoral.com or you can reach us through our Contact Us form.

We at MindCoral Inc. (Hereinafter “MindCoral”, “us”, “we”, or “our”) provide services to customers (Hereinafter “Student”, “Students”,“Learners”, "You", "Your", "User" or "Users") via our Internet website at http://www.MindCoral.com (Hereinafter “Site” or “the Site”. In submitting an application or registration (Hereinafter individually or collectively “Registration”) to receive or provide academic assistance, academic advice, or Questions & Answers Help (Hereinafter “Services”, "Work" or “Assistance”) provided by MindCoral, you are agreeing to be obligated and bound by the terms of this Terms of Service (Hereinafter “Terms”, "Service", or "Terms of Service") as well as our Privacy Policy. Academic professionals (Hereinafter “Academic Professional" or  “Academic Professionals”) at MindCoral provide academic assistance requested by Students or Leaners, comment on Student requests for clarifications, and other materials, solely through our Site. Students or Learners receive academic assistance and comments from Academic Professionals solely through our Site. Make sure to read this Terms of Service carefully before submitting your Registration, as they affect your legal rights and obligations.

This Terms of Service provides you with the necessary information that details your obligations and responsibilities as a User of the Site. This Terms of Service may be revised, changed, or updated periodically. This Terms of Service shall become binding on the date (Hereinafter “Date”) you submit a Registration on the Site. 

MindCoral ™ is a trademark of MindCoral Inc. 

MindCoral ™ and other trademarks on the Site belong to MindCoral, agents, affiliates, or other parties.

MindCoral uses credits (Hereinafter "Credits") which carry a monetary value, purchased from the Site. Credits are non-transferable and non-refundable. Credits do not expire, unless Student, Learner, or User account has been terminated pursuant to section(s) 21 of this Terms of Service. Credits hold no monetary or financial value beyond this Terms of Service or beyond the Site.

General Terms of Service 

1. By submitting a Registration on the Site, you warrant that you are of the age of majority in your jurisdiction.

2. By Registering on the Site, you agree that all communication, including but not limited to, email, phone calls, mail, or otherwise, with Academic Professionals will only be through the platform presented on the Site. You agree that this condition survives any technical issues which render the Site temporarily unusable or ineffective for communication. 

3. By Registering on the Site, you agree that the material on the Site may be copyrighted and may not be distributed without the explicit written agreement from MindCoral.

4. MindCoral agrees to honor the value of credits purchased in your account.

5. All information you provide to create an account must be current and accurate. It is your responsibility to update your account to keep it current and accurate.

6. Academic Professionals are not employees of MindCoral. Academic Professionals are independent contractors, providing specific services to MindCoral on a need-to-basis for a limited period of time. You agree that MindCoral provides the Services without warranties or guarantee of accuracy, implied or otherwise. To the fullest extent permitted by applicable law, MindCoral does not guarantee that the information or links on the Site will meet your requirements. MindCoral does not guarantee that the Services provided by Academic Professionals is error-free, or void of any harmful components, viruses, or bugs. You agree that MindCoral will not be responsible for any damage to your computer as a direct or indirect use of this Site. 

7. You may not use the account, username, or password of another Student, Learner, or User, nor are you permitted to provide access to your account to other parties. You agree to notify MindCoral immediately if you believe any unauthorized use or access to your account has taken place.

8. By submitting a Registration to MindCoral, you agree to pay for any Services through Credits purchased on the Site.

9. MindCoral does not guarantee that Assistance provided by Academic Professionals is original. If you believe the Assistance provided by Academic Professionals is plagiarized, please contact MindCoral. We may at such time, at our discretion, provide you with a full or partial refund of credits. 

10. It is your responsibility to ensure that by entering into this Terms of Service with MindCoral, you are not in violation of any previous agreements or commitments with any other party.

11. Subject to your compliance with this Terms of Service, MindCoral provides and grants you a limited, non-exclusive, revocable, and non-transferrable license to use the Site and its content (Hereinafter "Content"). You agree not to copy, modify, republish, commercialize, or download content from the Site, unless otherwise stated in this Terms of Service.

12. MindCoral reserves the right to edit, remove, or otherwise alter any Content submitted by you on the Site if it is deemed to be in violation of any copyrights or moral rights. 

13. When you submit, upload, embed, post, display, link to, communicate, or otherwise distribute or publish any solution, question, answer, notes, outline, problem, suggestion, idea, feedback, message, video, text, profile date, or other material or Content to MindCoral, you grant MindCoral and our agents, affiliates, licensees, or individuals licensed by MindCoral, a non-exclusive, worldwide, perpetual, unlimited, irrevocable, right to exercise any and all copyright, publicity, database rights you have in the Content, trademark, or to make, use, reproduce, copy, alter, publish, exhibit, distribute, display, modify, sell, offer for sale, or create derivatives from such Content. You agree that you will have no financial, copyright, or other interest of such Content.    

14. If you download any files, images, videos, questions, answers, or any other Content provided by MindCoral or Academic Professionals, you agree and warrant that such information or Content is non-transferable, private, and non-assignable to any other persons or third parties. 

15. As a Student, Learner, or User, on the Site, you are not required to enter personal information such as name, phone number, or address. Exceptions may be necessary when purchasing credits for billing purposes. Any personal information entered when purchasing Credits remains private and is not visible to other visitors to the Site or to Academic Professionals. See our Privacy Policy.

16. MindCoral reserves the right to revise the value of new Credit purchases, currency, and terms periodically. Advance notice may or may not be provided. Such changes will be posted to the Site.

17. MindCoral will apply reasonable privacy provisions according to industry standards. MindCoral will not be responsible for any loss of privacy, harm, disclosure of information, or loss that you may incur through the use of this Site.

18. By agreeing to this Terms of Service, you agree that the use of the Site shall be deemed to have occurred in the Province of British Columbia, Canada. If you use the Site in other locations, you are responsible for any tax compliance requirements based on your jurisdiction.


Prohibited Content

19. It is prohibited to post, upload, submit, embed, display, link to, communicate, on the Site any work, material, or Content, that is offensive, racist, pornographic, defamatory, libelous, abusive, threatening, vulgar, or is otherwise violates the privacy rights, copyrights, patent rights, contract rights, trademark rights or any other rights of any other person. You acknowledge that MindCoral retains the right to to alter, revise, or delete such material, work, or Content from the Site at our sole discretion.   


20. All currency is calculated and charged in US Dollar.

Account Termination

21. This Terms of Service goes into effect on the date Registration is submitted to MindCoral. This Terms of Service remains in effect until one of the following circumstances takes place:

a. MindCoral may terminate, at its sole discretion, a Student, Learner, or User account, if the Student, Learner, or User fails to comply with any of the provisions of this Terms of Service. 

b. MindCoral may terminate Student, Learner, or User, account at its own discretion, if it is deemed that the Student, Learner, or User has acted in any way contrary to the interests of the Site, MindCoral's affiliates or associates, or has violated any applicable Federal or Provincial laws.

c. If Student, Learner, or User, submits a request for the termination of their account, their account will be terminated.

Indemnity and Limitations of Liability; Waiver

22. You agree to defend, indemnify, and hold harmless MindCoral, its affiliates, and agents, from and against any and all loss, liability, damages, judgements, demands, costs, claims, investigations, settlements, and expenses (including, but not limited to, reasonable attorney fees) arising out of or directly or indirectly relating to (a) Content posted to the Site; (b) the use of the Services, Work, and Assistance; (c) your breach or anticipatory breach of this Terms of Service; (d) your violation of any laws, rules, regulations, statutes, ordinances, or codes of any government and quasi-government authorities, including, without limitation, all regulatory, administrative and legislative authorities (e) information or information transmitted through your computer, even if not submitted by you, that infringes, violates, or misappropriates any copyright, trademark, trade secret, patent, publicity, privacy or other right of any person or defames any person; (f) any misrepresentations made by you; (g) the use of your information or Content as permitted under the provisions of this Terms of Service and the MindCoral Privacy Policy, or any other written agreement between you and MindCoral. You will cooperate as fully required by MindCoral, its agents, or affiliates in the defense of any claim. MindCoral. These indemnity obligations shall survive any expiration or termination of your relationship with MindCoral.

23. You agree and warrant that in no event shall MindCoral, its affiliates, or agents, will be liable or responsible for any loss or damages of any kind, direct or indirect, including but not limited to (a) the Services, Works, or Assistance provided on the Site; (b) the Content on the Site; (c) your use of, inability to use, or the performance of the Site; (d) any action taken in connection to copyright or other intellectual property owners; (e) any errors or omissions in the technical functionality of Site; (f) any damage to your computers, mobile device, or other equipment or technology including, without limitation, damage from any security breach or from any virus, bugs, tampering, error, omissions, fraud, defect, interruption, delay in operation or transmission, computer line or network failure, loss of data, accuracy of results, even if foreseeable. 

Legal Disputes and Jurisdiction

24. In a situation where a dispute arises between a Student, Learner, or User, and MindCoral, this Terms of Service shall be governed and constructed according to the laws and regulations of the Province of British Columbia, Canada, and any federal laws of Canada applicable therein. In the event of a dispute relating to this Terms of Service, you expressly consent to and agree to the exclusive forum, jurisdiction, and venue of courts in the Province of British Columbia.

Entire Terms of Service

25. Unless otherwise stated in this Terms of Service, if any provisions in this Terms of Service are unenforceable, invalid, or illegal, all other remaining provisions continue in full effect. The choice of MindCoral to not exercise or enforce any right or provision of this Terms of Service is not a waiver of such right or provision. Titles used in this Terms of Service are for convenience only and have no legal or contractual effect. Non-performance by either party will be excused to the extent that performance is delayed or rendered impossible by any reason that is beyond the reasonable control of the non-performing party.

26. This Terms of Service forms a contractual agreement between you and MindCoral regarding the Services, Assistance, and Work. Changes to this Terms of Service can be made at MindCoral's discretion. 

27. Students, Learners, and Users agree that sections 1, 2, 3, 6, 7, 9, 10, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 22, 23, 24, and 25 of this Terms of Service will survive the termination or expiration of this Terms of Service.

MindCoral Inc.

Updated December 2013