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MindCoral uses a credit system where users purchase credits through their account and use them to pay for academic assistance. You decide how many credits you want to use based on the difficulty of the question and how much you feel it is worth. The minimum number of credits required is 1 credit to post a question.

Each credit costs $4.98*. We do not charge any hidden fees or costs, and there are no long-term contracts. What you see is what you pay!

Credits never expire, so use them whenever you need any personalized academic help or assistance. For more information on credits and how they work, check out our Help Center link on the right or contact us directly for any questions.

Accounts are free to create and you only need an email address, so go ahead and give us a try!

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Coral Library

The Coral Library is a collection of solutions and questions that have previously been answered on MindCoral. It is a good idea to browse the library for answers to questions that are similar to yours. If you find an answer to a question you want, simply use your credits to pay and the answer is downloaded to your account.

The majority of the solutions in our library only cost 1 credit or $4.98. You will be able to see the Academic Professional's profile who answered the question as well as their rating.

What is Personalized Homework Help?

Personalized homework help is one of our 24/7 services where you can receive personalized homework or academic help from one of our Academic Professionals. Use the Ask A Question link above to enter a question about a subject or topic you are having difficulty with and our Academic Professionals will promptly try to answer and explain your question.

What type of help can I expect?

If you're stuck on a question or unsure of an answer, or even just want someone to review your essay, MindCoral has qualified Academic Professionals that can help you with all of your academic help and learning needs. You set the rate of how much you want to pay and if your academic questions are not answered, you pay nothing. So what do you have to lose? Give it a try today by clicking below.

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I was so frustrated with a recent assignment I received in my Math course as I didn't understand what the question was asking. I have never been strong in this subject so when I heard of MindCoral I thought I would check it out. I received help right awa


Awesome, helpful and user-friendly site. I am coming back here for my next homework problem!

Jason (Student)

My friend just recommended this site to me. I wasn't sure what to expect at first, but this is great! I was really happy with the quality of help that I received.


Submitted a practice exam for my class and having someone explain it to me really helped me study properly for my exam. Thanks.